Christmas Banner_InteriorB_2B_3

by Rachel Doblin

Last month we were thrilled to welcome Biscuitville to our studio! Two big boxes of biscuits, a carrot, a little dusting of flour, & Bill & art director, Kristie’s, wonderful styling – and Biscuitville had their biscuit snowman banner for this holiday season. Above is a little look into how the banner was created: left is the “blueprint” for the banner, middle is the image we photographed, and right is the final product. Visit a Biscuitville & see the banner in stores!

Congratulations To BB&T

by Bill Lusk

This dynamic team at BB&T received a BEST Award from the Association for Talent Development (formerly known as the American Society for Training and Development or ASTD). I was told that they are among the best in the country at creating a corporate learning culture to help the bank meet it’s strategic objectives.

We were asked to document the group at the Winston-Salem, NC campus. We did a quick scout for this location, lit it, groomed and placed everyone and had a great time. These folks were so kind and accommodating. Thanks BB&T and T+D Magazine for putting us on this assignment.



Sometimes It Does Take A Rocket Scientist…



By Bill Lusk

…like this brilliant guy from the Los Alamos National Laboratory in Santa Fe, NM.  Buck Thompson could have had a second career doing stand up if he had chosen.  We had a great time on the shoot; he even indulged us doing some shots of him wearing two pairs of glasses at once.  Even the formulas and symbols on the chalkboard in the background are apparently a bit of a joke if you just happen to ALSO be a rocket scientist and know what the heck they mean.

Though, in the end we couldn’t choose any of the sillier images because Buck looked so distinguished here and we just couldn’t resist showing off this clever gentleman at his best.

Uncle Buck_Oct2014



A Pledge To Give The Cityscape A Fair Shake

Times Square in New York City
by Bill Lusk

We travel a lot along the east coast corridors:  I95, I81, I77, etc.  We are very familiar with the views and in an effort to remain present in our surroundings that often means I’m looking for landscapes to photograph.  Obviously, I enjoy shooting landscapes for landscapes-sake and also to use as background plates for portraits.

But, I think I may have fallen victim to missing the forest for the trees.  Angela recently showed me this iPhone pic that she shot a month or two ago while we were working in NYC.  It occurred to me that I’ve gotten into the habit of ignoring city views in favor of more rural, natural -scapes.  When did that happen; is it a product of my age?  Why am I no longer shooting skylines, bridges, and overpasses as I have in the past?  So, here I pledge to give more attention to the human-built views of the land in my work.  I’ll keep you posted.


Elkin River Landscape

Elkin River
By Angela Korniotes

Sometimes I feel that Bill hides his landscape love within his portrait work. It was like the landscapes were calling to him from just beyond his human subjects. Perhaps that’s why he almost never uses a shallow depth of field…

For example:

Allen Mills





Brian Hibbard











I think I have FINALLY been able to convince him to just own up to the truth that he is a landscape photographer masquerading as a portrait shooter.

I love this image and I am so happy that we are going to begin to share Bill’s landscape work with you! Now I just need to print it out and force him to sign it for me. ;D


Bill Lusk Photography Now Listed On Dripbook

Dripbook SSBy Angela Korniotes

We just added a new portal to the list of places you can find our work. Check us out on Dripbook and let us know what you think!

Remember to like it, thumbs up it, share it. All those great internet things.